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> Blonde
> Ash
> Redhead
> Brunette
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My Child dolls were made by Mattel from 1985 - 1988. They stand 36cm tall, have cloth bodies & faces.They all have serial numbers and were manufactured with the intention of offering children a "one of a kind" doll due to the many different eye colour, make up colouring, hair colour, hair style and outfit combinations.

They came as Girls or Boys and over the course of their production also had different skin colours.

Made in Taiwan Dolls (1985-86)
My Child dolls were initially made in Taiwan and were available with different hair, eye, make up combo's and were available in either a Pale or African American skin colour.

These dolls are slightly taller than their later counterparts and have a chubbier disposition. Serial numbers on these dolls are 3 numbers PLUS either 5L or 6L stamped or hand written (eg 1235L). It is common for these earlier dolls to suffer from bad facial sagging due to their manufacturing. Hair styles were mostly shorter styles like Top Knots. They all had the green MY CHILD heart decal on their tushes.

Left: Example of a Taiwan Girl, redhead Top knot.
Serial Number sample: 3555L


Made in China Dolls (1986-87)

In 1986 production moved to China where the doll was made slightly smaller & stuffed softer. Their eyes were placed deeper in their heads and their facial skin was more durable (ie Suffering from less facial sagging)

Far Left: Example of an early 1986 US Girl, an Ash
(2 Tone) Topknot.

Left: A US curly redhead boy

Serial Number sample: 0536R2






Made in China Dolls (1986-87)

US Hispanic Dolls & African American dolls

Far Left: Example of a US 1986 Hispanic Girl.
A distinct feature in identifying an Hispanic doll is to look for orange rays in their eyes above the iris and slightly to the left.

African American doll have Black rays. See AA Boy left.

AA and Hispanic dolls came in Girls and Boys. And although you may think 2 AA girls will look the same, it's amazing the variations in hair lengths and facial expressions. So adorable.

Serial Number sample: 2066R2

Made in China Dolls (1987-88)

1988 US Pale skin dolls were being sold at the same time the Peachy Euro/Aussie Ribbons and Bows dolls. They generally suffered from face sagging but have strong make up. They kept their typical US Pale skin hair styles like Top knots, Puppy Tails and Full fringes (fringe that goes around their entire hair line)

Left: Example of the later pale skin 1988 US Girl.

A Brunette Top Knot
Serial Number sample: 2008HR





Made in China Dolls (1987-88)

Hispanic and Peachy skin (Euro, Canadian and Aussie) were introduced in 1987. Hair styles came in longer styles.

The Peach skin dolls were not made with the green MY CHILD heart decal on their tushes and all the collectors seem sure that this was due to the dolls being distributed in other countries like Italy (My Love), France (Mon Enfant), Germany (Mein Kind), Holland (Mun Kleintje). Which makes sense. Dolls were also being sold in Canada which all had 2 tags on their sides instead of the usual 1.

Serial numbers changed to 3 numbers PLUS 6R2 (in 1986) and in 1987 although the Pale US, African American and Hispanic dolls kept the xxxxR2 serial numbers, the Peachy skin dolls changed to xxx7HR.

During this serial number transition collectors have found some Peach Skin dolls with R2 serial numbers. Me included.

Apparently there are some HB serial numbers. I would love more info about this transition time, so anyone out there with relevant info, please contact me.

Example of a Euro/Aussie/Canadian 1987 Girl shown Left.

A V Part Girl
Serial Number sample: 1327HR

1988 saw the very last US My Child run off the production line.

Peachy skins were sold here in Australia branded as the Ribbons & Bows line with 2 new hair styles, 1 new hair colour and 4 new outfits. Along came the Ringlets & Crimps, Strawberry Blondes, Romper Outfits, ABC Outfits, Flare Dresses & School Dresses.

Left: Example of a Euro/Aussie 1988 Girl.

An Aussie Brunette Sidepart Ringlet
Serial Number sample: 0788HR

Then it all sadly ended. My Child dolls were never manufactured again.

 NOTE: There is a whole different set of rules when referring to Canadian My child dolls when referencing Heart Decals on their bums. The Canadian doll (which is identified by their 2 side tags) had NO green heart decal on their bum.

Also Boy dolls were never made with peach skin throughout their manufacture although there are later Aussie/Euro boys which are more desirable but hard to identify sometimes. That's clear hey?? If you sell dolls on Ebay, include the dolls serial number as it helps collectors a lot to identify what your dolls is. A bad photo may not 'help' your doll, but a serial number might.


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